A Roundup of Posts Against Autism Speaks

Grayson Schultz
5 min readMar 30, 2017

Last updated April 3, 2022

The following is a masterpost of items against Autism Speaks. To add any, please comment below.

Bernie Sanders with text that says “I am once again asking for you to stop supporting autism speaks

Note: This post was originally pulled together in March 2017. As such, you may need to utilize the Wayback Machine to access some posts. If the trial and error of it is frustrating, they have a Google Chrome extension that will automatically access the site that way if it’s unreachable otherwise.

Anti-Vaccination Support

Anger From the Community

Anger From Parents/Families


  • I will not ‘Light it up Blue’
    The ‘Light It Up Blue’ campaign also promotes stigma and sexism within the autism community, promoting the idea that autism is more of a masculine disease/affects boys more than girls. This is completely false and contributes to the lack of diagnoses that girls/women and non-binary people face.

Want to support Actually Autistic organizations?

Note: No organization is perfect, and there are new developments all the time. I’ve made a few notes below as of April 2022.



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