Ten Things a Husband Will Need to Know If Their Wife Becomes a Triathlete

1. The $$ cost. To get her set up with all the triathlon gear including a bike, trainer, Garmin watch, as well as swim gear and running gear, you are looking at the equivalent of a family vacation.

2. The time: most of her free time will be spent working out. The house might not be as tidy but you will have a happy wife from all those workout endorphins.

3. Sooner or later, she will educate you on triathlon facts, like the difference between Ironman races and ITU, and sometimes she will use triathlete jargon which you will probably learn eventually since she talks about triathlon pretty regularly

4. Don’t forget to check with your wife when planning family outings on statutory holidays, there could be an open water swim race, a 10 km swim that her equally obsessed triathlete friends have organized, or a 100 km bike ride.

5. The nice thing about your wife having triathlete friends to do these crazy things with is that she can talk with them about the triathlete stuff, things like snot rockets and other bodily functions that happen at races, or how they managed to finish that race that took most of the day and that cost several hundred dollars to participate in. So make sure she has time to spend with them, by giving her a few extra minutes in the hot tub after swim workout or coffee after the bike ride or run.

6. When she’s working out in her “pain cave”, where she keeps her bike and trainer, there might be strange noises. That’s normal, she’s just working hard. No need to call an ambulance, just turn up the TV so you can’t hear it.

7. There might be a lot of talk about Strava, or Zwift, the online multiplayer game that makes a boring trainer ride a lot of fun. Did she tell you people from all over the world are working out at the same time? Oh, she did

8. If she gets really into Ironman races, then there’s a week in October you need to know about. That’s the Ironman Championships week, otherwise known as Kona Week. Don’t expect any meaningful conversations to happen then, she is too busy watching the pro interviews, listening to podcasts, and reading tweets on Twitter, and watching that funny race called the Beer Mile.

9. There will be triathlete jokes, that are funny to your wife but you just don’t get. Just smile. Her crazy Tri friends get them.

10. And lastly, tapering is cutting down on the workout load before a race. She might get grumpy and irritable, it’s just a sign that all those workouts really do make her happy, and that she’s going to have a great race.

Cheer her on! She’s going to have a great race!