If you think adventure is dangerous try being normal IT’s Lethal.

Hello Everyone, It was high time I started posting on my blog. It was my new year resolution and still I delayed it for a month. Gosh !!… I am here and I will be sharing my experiences and reviewing the places I visit which includes interesting places I visit, food and lifestyle.

I am sure you guys will like it.. :-)

Palm exotica is one of the first places I wish to talk about . It is near Shankarpally village, which is about 30 minutes from outer ring road, Hyderabad.

It was a day out with my batch mates and we cracked our heads and finally decided to head towards Palm exotica.

As the title describes it’s an adventure park with all sorts of adrenaline boosting activities which include

  1. Land zorbing
  2. Water zorbing
  3. Human Sling Shot (One of the best..)
  4. Rocket Ejector which also included Quad bikes
  5. Karting

Phew!! There were many still but these were the main attraction.

The park had an entry fee of 1000 ₹ which also included lunch and complimentary snacks. We can really justify the entry fee as there are so many things which are part of the 1000 Rs you spend like swimming, cycling, caroms, you can play table tennis, chess etc.

My personal experience taught me to carry extra 1000 bucks for few of the paid rides which are worth spending money and time.

You will be surprised to know that I am personally a big freak and really never try to do the adventure/outdoor sports. However, surprisingly I had more fun than I ever expected to have. I really gave my best in trying Land Zorbing- You are basically put into a huge Zorbing ball and push you down the slope “You should definitely try -Completely Worth it”

Then here’s the RRR.RRR……RR…RRRRRR the Quad Bike. It was always my life dream to ride a Quad Bike. It was finally striked off from my checklist. :-) :-)

Caution: You can have fun only when you ride it really fast. It will generally be boring and nothing special if you are slow. Tip- Rise your BUM up when your on the bike and on the bumps

Highlight of the Day: Human Sling Shot

It is a new sport where you will be slinging back and forth with two human size elastic bands. It’s an exhilarating experience. If you were never scared of columbus in your childhood (even though you were) you should still give it a shot.

Next was our all time favourite Rocket Ejector. It is similar to slingshot but instead it goes up and down :-p. My friend was really lucky to flip when she was high up.

I was really exhausted at the end of the day. Trying all the new rides, doing all the activities, dipping in the pool etc makes it really obvious. There are many other adventure sports for all the adrenaline junkies our there. You tired of adventure sports, you also have options to relax with other options like Horse riding, Puppy walking, Golf , darting etc.

Pros: One stop solution for all adventure freaks. Amazing location for camera lovers.

Cons: Most of the activities are paid. Water sports is a miss and not much offering with food — Very spicy :-(

Genre: I would advice this place to people who love adventure (for obvious reasons), The booming photography (AKA DSLR freaks) you get many picturesque shots and to all the city people tired in their own monotonous life -its just a day break worth spending.

Tips: Go got a package for 900. You get to do one extreme sport and three exclusive sports in this package. It’s ideal for a day’s time if you are also planning to enter the pool.


If given a chance I will go again?

Definitely yes . It is not a place you get bored of going just once. I would love to go back and try the rest I missed.