Getting Started

It’s tough, isn’t it, getting started?

Writing can be difficult, because you feel like there’s so much pressure to write something that people will like — better yet, something they’ll love. You‘re dying to to write something intelligent, funny, insightful, or emotionally moving, and it’s hard work.

You spend so much time deciding on a theme for your posts in general, imagining what you should write about right now and also going forward, that ultimately you avoid your goal of simply… getting started.

And if you thought typing the first word was hard, try physically handwriting the first word in a brand new notebook. Anyone who is or intends to be a writer knows how difficult that can be. Once the ink touches the paper, you’re committed and there’s no going back.

I’ve torn out more ‘spoiled’ first pages than I care to admit.

The thing is, just like taking the first step into a cold sea, committing words to paper or a screen gets easier the more you do it.

So yeah, just get started.

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