3 Easy Ways To Have Hipster Music Taste

Hipsters are like magicians- they’re super pissed if you reveal their secrets, but I’ve always liked to live life on the edge, so here are 3 easy ways to sound like you have hipster music taste. If you’re not the type to spend your entire day reading blogs, these are easy ways to know about the next artist to blow.

Peep The Feature Line

Guess what? Your favorite artist like to work with their favorite artist. While it’s not a guarantee to success, if you see someone getting constantly featured it’s probably because they had good content from the jump. Do you hear a good verse from an unfamiliar voice? Go hit google and see what else they have out there. If you dig their most popular song, then go a little deeper. If you like them a lot at your next party, make sure you extensively talk about their catalog and note how much you like their earlier works.

Check the Local Listings

Most major cities have major venues booking the best talent. While stadiums usually mean that a person has already made it, there are usually medium tier venues that book artist before that big tour. If a person sells out Terminal 5 in New York, it usually means that a show at Barclays or MSG is coming within a year or 2.

Scope the Followers

We’re in an age of Youtube and free online mixtapes. There’s a lot of content out there, so the way we weed people out is through followers. If an artist has a large online following for an early stage in their development, it’s probably that they have good content or a good marketing team. Either scenario will probably help them blow.