A #TwitterChat with Job Recruiters

On Friday, September 30th I participated in my very first Twitter Chat from noon to 1 p.m. Prior to this experience I believed Twitter Chats were a cross between Tweet Storms and Live Tweeting. I was wrong. Yes, some of those elements make up the chat’s concept, but there is so much more to the session.

So what chat did I participate in?

·The Open Mic Career Chat also known as the #OMC Chat. This chat is lead by @CyndyTrivella @TomBolt@LevyRecruits as a “no-holds-barred career/job search chat.” @OMCChat twitter account acts as the moderator and asks five questions to foster discussion to participants from the jobseeker perspective.

— Example Question: “Dear Recruiter: You say I’m to be treated like a person, so why do you use bots to communicate? #OMCchat

Did you use any tools to help you stay on top of the chat?

· Yes. TweetDeck is a lifesaver! This service is so convenient for monitoring Twitter Chats because not only can you isolate the chat hashtag to see live updates but also, simultaneously watch your notifications on the same dashboard to see if and how people are responding to your activity in the chat.

So how’s it go?

· When I first entered the chat I was nervous about how it was going to go because I noticed that everyone who introduced themselves were well-established job recruiters from companies and I was just a college student. I immediately felt out of place. However just minutes after my introduction tweet, my notifications were filled with likes and replies welcoming me to the chat.

Cyndy Trivella , ‏@CyndyTrivella :“@Kisa_Kye Welcome! We love first-timers to #omcchat

Lynn Carroll, @LynnCareerCoach: “@Kisa_Kye Welcome! When do you graduate? Great to have a student in the chat.”

· During the chat there were times when terminology was used that I did not understand and I couldn’t find the answers on Google. It was industry-specific terminology. And so, rather than just sitting back on a question because the environment was so easy going and welcoming I would tweet out “ Hey can you give an example of what you mean here?” or “Hey what does this abbreviation mean?” and I would get immediate responses. It was nice to be able to ask questions and get responses in seconds.

So what are your takeaways?

· Twitter Chats are a great opportunity to communicate with a diverse group of people online about a shared topic of interest. It is perfect for if you ever want to know what someone else is thinking or how he or she would approach a similar situation.

· Twitter Chats also pose as a great networking tool. After sharing ideas for an hour you have built up connections with people and it doesn’t have to stop there. At the end of the #OMCchat I had received the most likes, retweets and mentions I have ever got on Twitter. I even gained three more followers. It’s definitely a great opportunity to build your brand.

10/10 would recommend.

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