Olympic Medal for INDIA???!!!

Hi Friends and Peoples,

Here I am going to share my opinion and my view of India to win a medal. I am not a sportsperson or not related to that field. I don't have any rights to disgrace any sports person in this country.

Now summer olympic games 2016 is going on. As a common man in India, I have many questions and opinion regarding the sports regulation and selection in our country. We are at very pitiful stage of achieve a medal in an international stage. Whole country is eagerly waiting like whether a person will win a bronze medal for our country. In fact this is happening at every time Olympic. Actually what is wrong with our sports person. why they are struggling there.

First of all we need to create a sports person to represent in our country. From my knowledge most of the sports person in India involve themselves in sports to uplift their family from poverty. They did not enroll because of ambition on sport. After that 2 out of 10 sport people shine in their field. That two person want face so many obstacles to compete in the international games as we seen Saala khadoos or Iruthi sutru movie.

As I am seeing this Olympic, I wonder whether we didnt have people in India because there are many things in annoyed of India sports. When we compare to other countries which have population count equal to ours, there will be minimum two person in each format of game.

We have only one sailor in this Olympic . What happen in navy or Kerala or other part of crores of people. Like that we have only one men archer . If we have two more archer then India can compete in the Archery team event. Now we can't. Even though our country have very large coastal area we dont have person to compete in swimming . We have only one men and only one woman in swimming that also in only one swimming category.

Ok lets come how we want to recruit a sportsperson in India.

First, Mainly Sports department, the High level persons (Like Central minister etc)must be a former Indian sports person who knows the full structure of India sports system and who loves it. There should not be any other politician or political interference in the sports system.

Second, Selection of the sports person should be start age wise as junior and senior.

Third, It should be taken from three categories. Schools , College and Area people who are not going to school and colleges (This is important area to search a talent sports person, we miss it mostly). This should be done in each zonal of the districts. The best will be compete in Inter-zonal and become best in District. Then District best will be compete in Inter-district and become best in states. Then State best will be compete in Inter state and become best in Country. In each stage we should select best five person and not one.

Fourth, Government should construct a good sport complex which should have every facilities for every sports in every Taluk. Why taluk means the poor person shall not be travel much for the practise daily. That means there should be a sport complex within every 50 km radius.

Fifth, State government should support best five district person financially. They need to be consider as government employee and give salary as 5000 per month. This can be use to them to buy their needs without asking their homes. Central government should support the each best five state person.

Sixth, There should be a committee who need to supervise the best five in every stage of their sports performance. The selection should be strict for example if there is men 100 m running race means 9.58 sec is world record. The best five should have time of 10–9.80 sec . because a person who having the national record of 11 sec is utter waste to send him for olympic. We know he will not qualify in heat itself. Like this we need to select for other field of sports also. We know the World and Olympic record timing and score. So select and train perfectly a person who can be done very close to that.

In my opinion by this above six steps we can create a talented efficient sports regiment to compete in International stages.

By sending more people and return without a single bronze medal is not good.It should be like this , Even though we send 10 person , we should take at least 7 medals .

We have many talent and superb sports person in every street of India. But our political and bribery system is blocking to see them. We should not search a sports person straight from a academy. First start to search from every local street. Million dollar arm movie is best example for selection of sports person. This movie shows selection of two baseball pitcher (bowlers in our language)for a American baseball league team. the selector in this movie search person in streets only not in academy. Another thing this movie is real story. From this I came to know foreigner knows how to choose a talent from India but ourselve still dont know how to do it.

Another huge problem in our sports system is seeing people as caste system. Tamil Nadu cricket association is important in this stupidity. First myself not believe in it. After when many of my friends tell same thing about cricket selection in Tamil nadu . I am surprised. Many my friend stopped playing cricket upto district level itself, they didn't try for states also. When ask them, They told “ we are not in selective caste to be selected, we know we are not be selected after states then why should we risk our life and career”. By recall all the cricket player who are selected to National team from Tamil Nadu are belong to same caste. Jeeva (Tamil movie) shows clearly of this issue. I am not against that caste but we should not involve caste in sports. We need to eradicate political and caste in sports then we have many super talented sports person

I hope in coming days Our country will improve and achieve in sports department and snatch medals like other countries in International arena.

Thank You


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