My Digital Manifesto

Some useful things to know about my communication practices…so you’re not offended should I fail to uphold your expectations…

  1. There is no instant gratification with me. If you contact me, it may be several days before I see it and respond. This includes, email, social media, phone calls, etc. Please don’t be offended.

2. Calling is my go-to, not messaging. That’s weird for the young people in my life. They usually don’t answer and then message me asking what I need. I probably won’t respond to that message. Call me back please.

3. If I call you or if you call me, I only want to talk briefly. Please don’t be offended if I rush off the phone. If you must know why, I’m not an ass-hole, but I like spending my extra time with my kids. I typically won’t have a computer or phone out when they are around.

4. If you send me a (FB) message and it shows that I have seen it but haven’t responded, you may want to resend that message. Because I probably haven’t seen it. My kids have my phone a lot and they like clicking on the little circle that shows my picture. They have not yet developed the courtesy or ability to let me know I have received messages. So when I get my phone, the message may not be Bold and Black anymore.

5. My cell phone is not an extra appendage to my physical body. I do not usually exist with it close by, especially in my home. Think back to cell phone usage of the early 90’s (not Zack Morris usage).

I will find it and carry it with me when I leave the house. If I’m home, I probably have no idea where it is. Yes I check social media in my phone, but all the alerts are turned off, so I have to physically go look and manually open up the thing to see — when I feel like it. Not when it tells me to.

6. Yes I have a house phone — like literally a landline (or is it LAN line??) (well its all digital now, but you know what I mean). And no, you probably cannot have that number. Look it up in the White pages (that’s a phone book for those who have no idea what white pages are. Hell, you probably don’t know what a phone book is. There is probably an App for that now so Google it).

7. Especially for my students: you WILL have to wait a few days before I respond to your email. My email accounts are not linked to my phone. There are no notifications that will alert me to your message. You will rarely see messages from me that say “sent from my iPhone or Galaxy or iPad.” I will check email when I physically sit down to a laptop or desktop (yes still have one of those too). I am not on a self-righteous, self-care kick where I need to protect my time…nah…I am just not getting ready to use my thumbs to send no damn email.

(I respond to Staff quicker than I respond to any group of people. They probably need an immediate response from me and I don’t want to keep them waiting. So they get the bulk of email energies.)

8. All of my accounts are public. The tendency is to have a private digital social life but there should never be any expectation of privacy online. Think about the individuals who screenshot and save everything…so even when you think you’ve deleted something — it still exists somewhere. And think about the embarrassing private things that go viral. Somebody you know and trust shared that ish!!!

9. Yes, students can add or follow me on social media. Again, no expectation of privacy or separation between my digital and physical. I will never use social media to talk about students. But they use it to talk about me and that’s entertaining (they usually forget they added me lol). If I ever use my digital platforms to ‘call out’ anybody or anything, it’s usually a structure or institution.

10. I don’t treat my digital spaces as personal because that doesn’t exist online. So don’t take it personal.