Why we need to stop comparing Nicki and Cardi B.

I am absolutely over this “beef” because it is very clear where everyone stands and if i am being honest they have both done trashness behind the scenes and not one is better than the other.

First thing can we stop the Cardi B “darling” thing, i dont quite know how to explain it but the fact that the media conversation seems to pain Cardi is the naive starstruck girl from the hood who is surrounded by glitz and glam. Its like watching a black rendition of an 80s hollywood movie.

For me the novelty wore off the moment the blogs and media platforms weaponised her “newness” in the game.

I have always followed Cardi B prior to her to hollywood fame i liked her personality on instagram and she was among the first to make strippers “comerically lit”.

Now i say this to say she was a stripper and they are ruthless. Cardi has commented on this several times admitting that the strip club isnt for the faint of heart and “these bitches be ruthless”.

So you want me to believe in Cardi’s years of being a tough environment like that she has never come up against a woman like Nicki Minaj? I absolutely doubt that. The power plays she would have to face are still the same its just different backdrop.

However the public playing field is not the same. Let me elaborate.

There has always been beef in female rap. They did not get along. Some still do not get along but you know why nobody mentions this? It wasnt documented. Yeah people in the meetings rooms and industry events knew but was it mass public knowledge? No.

Now with these two we are seeing an artist that didnt come up through social media vs one who did.

With Nicki’s personality never being shown much and the only insight we had of her was based on whispers and accounts from those who interact with her this is all we had to base a personality profile on.

Now we heard Nicki really talk when the conversation of comparison came out.

And whew chile the biterness

Now before the barbs come and fight me i love Aunty Onika, but we all know that she had some biterness in her.

Is it directly at Cardi? Maybe. I do believe that there is a lot of misplaced rage being displayed and with media personalities intentionally and unintentionally influence narritives the rage seems 100% directed at Cardi.

However what i am tired of is how much of a big deal is being made – at first when the battle begun it was definitely something to follow because it came not too long after Nikki had returned from her hiatus and dropped a few songs; Barbie Tingz, Chun Li.

However by this point the tide had changed. We had bodak yellow we were all in the clubs like

So Barbie tingz was not the ting. And boy did Nikki hit the roof.

Now i followed a lot of what was she saying and i also understand that her delivery has been so off.

The delivery has just come across like someone fighting for a spot they know isn’t there.

They always say celebrities are last to find out when they aint poppin’

Now pushing those two to the side this is not the first time we in female rap have had beef, Shanté vs Salt n Pepa, Foxy v Jacki-O, Mc Lyte v Antoinette and many others (Ive shortened them down to my top two)

1. Roxanne Shanté Vs The World (Basically)

Roxanne shante was only 15 when she started what was seen as the first rap beef she created in only one take the first diss track “Roxanne’s Revenge” which had been inspired at the time by a hip hop group U.T.F.O who actually heard her song and were like

And they replied which sparked the infamous ‘roxanne wars’.

Shanté then said right all gloves off…everyone can get IT! This everyone included Run DMC, LL Cool J and KRS-One. She then followed up with Big Mama which also let it known that these other female rappers can catch it too. The females who would at that time were the nicki to her cardi were female rappers such as MC Lyte, Monie Love, Salt-N-Pepa and Latifah.

The line that really rocked the boat was

“First up is Latifah/You roll up, and I’mma smoke that ass like reefer/Cause you ain’t never in life been a star to me/Sold the fuck out trying to go R&B/Now that shit is shady/You say ladies first, well I’m the first lady and all y’all hoes are phoney…”

Sounds familiar to a certain someone dissing her by saying “sold the fuck out”…. “ she out here making it on sympathy and payola”…

2. Foxy Brown Vs Lil Kim.


Their beef was one that i am sure most people might kind of remember (its probably the better documented one of the 90s/00's) but hunny. This was not a small social media battling and actually for me bares the most similarities to the Nikki vs Cardi Free-For-View.

Many people can remember a time when Lil Kim and Foxy Brown were bussom buddies, they were seen side by side on “The Source” magazine and very almost gave us what could of been up there with legendary albums. But of course that all went up in flames the women exchanged words in bars across a flurry of tracks during the late 90s but things really took flight when Kim dropped “Notorious K.I.M” with bars that would snatch your wig. Foxy Brown Said Oh Word? I got you some fire now.

“Stop paying these n***** to write your shit” – Lil Kim- Notorious Kim (Diss Track To Foxy Brown)….Hmm Sound Familiar?

Foxy snapped on Capone-N-Norega’s bang bang in which she brought up Lil Kim and Notorious B.I.G’s affair, and as you can imagine you know she dropped it just after Biggie had died because what else would you do to trigger your enemy.

And just like cardi’s shoe went flying across the room that is how the feud of Kim vs Foxy escalated shots were fired (literally…shots were fired, 20 to be exact) and Kim went to jail.

See, Nikki and Cardi are really this generation’s Kim v Foxy.

And are no different to all the other women who have had issues with each other its part and parcel of being in the Rap Game. There is enough room for both these women and we all know that and we need to stop forcing this drama.

Nicki get a grip you arent going to win this battle, it sucks and is annoying as hell i can imagine but bow out now and remember;

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness – Oprah Winfrey”
Photo Credit (Celebritiesreport.com)