Mindful Space for Big Love: Couples Welcome.

Mindful Space for Big Love: Couples Welcome.

You’ve finally met a conscious keeper. The dream of a loving, healthy relationship is finally a reality. Now what? How do you stay aligned with a sense of shared purpose in your day-to-day life that feels good? You may want to start by doing a little lovers inventory on giving back and by having the intention to reaffirm and ritualize new thoughts and new actions. Now that there is a ‘we’ it’s important to share your ideas on conscious convening and how to build community together. Maybe standing for Love isn’t enough; standing for causes that empower, inspire, educate and solve problems to do something about it can activate meaning in relationships.

For couples who have adapted the living by giving axiom ready to remember who you are as a couple and what you are capable of changing, you may want to start by getting on board with The Bearded Yogi Jason Patrick, the founder of Big Love Weekend. His annual wellness fundraiser supports God’s Love We Deliver in New York City and soon, an eco-retreat in the works with Pravassa. The Bearded Yogi invites supporters to join the love campaign in more ways than one by becoming Ambassadors of Love. The weekend itinerary includes the Big Love Wellness day and the Big Love Birthday, two sure ways to ignite renewed holistic values for people wondering how to give back online or offline.

If you are unsure of where to begin try entering a room full of Big Love guest speakers versed in the art of yoga, meditation, relationships, nutrition, fitness, spirituality, eco-tourism, skincare, music and inspiration. Just listen to Jason’s sanga of sacred friends committed to delivering love and let yourself be. Buying tickets to Big Love by sharing the message, donating online auction items or services, sponsoring or volunteering means your selfless seva is done.

Soak up the wisdom through every sense by getting re-wired. Indulge a lovers review with Gabrielle Bernstein’s online Fearless Relationships Course. Learn about the Art of Attention by Elena Brower and Erica Jago or try tuning in to what matters by sharing the Dip into Bliss Meditation created by Donna D’Cruz. Restore your body’s intelligence with the founder of 5 Elements Spa, Dr. Cynthia G. King, who is also a registered Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yogini. Take Adam Bauer’s lyrical word for it that devotional music is a great way to grow and evolve or visit his Tree Toad Farm.

Affirm abundance, inner peace and good health with Hindu Priest Prakesh who is versed in traditional Puja’s. Once you decide how frequently you’ll enjoy boosting your Shakti or Karma Yoga by amplifying selfless service make it official and mark it on your yearly calendar.

That should give you the chance to avoid double booking dates for other fun you have planned together like Soul.Camp, a place to enjoy a little mindful r&r and the type of interpersonal work great relationships are based on.

One of the best parts of the Big Love experience for new couples is the sensory conditioning that embodies the true definition of fitness. Cause miracles with Patricia Moreno’s SatiLife workout. Fitness moves by Kirk Myers’s DOGPOUND (big fellas with big heart) will leave you both sweating (and feeling on top of the world that you just took so many measures to improve). It’s just not a wellness party without Yogi’s of all ages and disciplines that offer suggestions on how to live life with purpose and promote blissful exploration. Big Lovers who like it hot should make a mental note to drop Guillaume Brun’s Moksha Yoga for a visit.

Beyond the excitement of giving to inspiring causes once in awhile it’s important for couples who want to live with a shared sense of purpose to champion causes that both partners can get behind. Defining social sharing as a couple means staying real and truthful by being a part of the solution. When in doubt take a look at what your favorite wellness influencers, eco-heroes, sustainable brands, companies that practice corporate responsibility, and local conscious businesses support. They may know something you don’t about how to live, give and thrive. The time is now to motivate. Start soulful and stay that way by keeping The Bearded Yogi’s mantra for 2015 Big Love Weekend in mind: we are all in this together.

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