We Tasted Summer, Again.

MWD Lifestyles selected for Central Park Conservatory Gala for the third year in a row.

With one of the toughest, coldest and most unpredictable winters in New York City that anyone could remember, Central Park Conservancy and MWD Lifestyles decided to design a beach feel into the annual Taste of Summer gala that is responsible for 75% of Central Park’s annual park wide expense budget. Central Park Conservancy is responsible for the day to day maintenance and operations that keep the park beautiful and vibrant.

MWD Lifestyles took to the St. Barts theme with ease and one statement in mind that made every guest smile: summer is here! Working on the gala for the third year in a row made it an honor. The Bethesda tunnel and oversized tent area was decorated with teal, blue and salmon ceiling to floor fabric panels so guests would feel as if they’ve arrived to a fete on the beach. Two oversized arrangements made with bunches of red burning bush accented with a faux tumbleweed upon which the team incorporated oversized sea shells in various shades. Throughout the historic space were orchids, peonies and small lavender plants that sat on mirror cubes.

The lounge area was designed to ensure guests felt included. At one end stairs spilled into three grand archways, exposing a selection of some of the best restaurants in New York City. As MWD Lifestyles always has a influence on the overall look and feel the St. Barts theme was woven into the event with Ace Hurricane Shades, adding a distinctive design aspect to the tables, patterned elements and sea shells encased into transparent side tables. Over the dancefloor various sizes of color lanterns made the area an irresistible favorite to guests who danced to DJ Kiss after enjoying food from some of the top chefs in the world.