Cat finds comfort in her sister’s stuffed animal look-alike

Savannah and her sister’s custom stuffed animal

This is Savannah. She is a 12 year old orange tabby female kitty. She and her sister, Charlotte, were dumped at a local shelter just before Christmas last year. Apparently, their owner became ill and could no longer care for them, and no one in the owner’s family took them in. So they dropped them off at an open admission shelter, where pets surrendered by owners are at risk for being euthanized.

I took in Charlotte and Savannah as fosters, when they came down with an upper respiratory infection due to stress from being in the shelter environment. URIs and other stress-induced behaviors are extremely common in shelter environments, especially among senior cats and dogs.

Charlotte and Savannah recovered from the infection within a couple of weeks and were ready for adoption as a bonded pair.

But then it was discovered that Charlotte had an inoperable and untreatable tumor. Because of her terminal cancer, she could not be made available for public adoption. In February, I adopted Charlotte so that she would live out her remaining months (hopefully years!) in a forever home. She is doing well, and I post updates and photos regularly on my foster page. (I cannot adopt Savannah because she is aggressive toward my personal cats and other fosters.)

I recently decided to create a custom stuffed animal of Charlotte (via Petsies), to celebrate her life. They even gave her ear tufts!

Charlotte and her Petsies look-alike

And as you can see from the first photo, though, Savannah loves Charlotte’s look-alike! She is always kneading and napping on it. I believe that Savannah knows that Charlotte’s days are numbered, and she takes comfort in her sister’s stuffed animal stand-in.

So what’s next? Savannah is healthy and available for adoption, but no one has inquired about her since I’ve had her. Granted, she is not the most adoptable cat — she is considered senior at 12 years old, does not get along with other cats (except for her sister), and is on a grain-free diet due to food allergies.

However, she is the sweetest cat ever! She is always snuggling with me and on my lap, as well as with Charlotte’s look-alike.

I want nothing more than to see her go to a wonderful, loving forever home. Please help by sharing her story and adoption page.