Sensual Anarchy
Kitten Holiday

This is the most brutally honest piece I have seen on MyErotica so far. You really nailed quite a few issues that our society goes through with love and sex slowly drifting apart in connection. It’s daring! I love it! It even shows the other side of bdsm that you so interestingly mocked. The basis of it is freedom in exchange for protection…but from what? Emotions? Love? Yourself? Aside from the specific few who love being spanked and tied up (myself included 😉), it can be used as a mask to forfeit the power of actually feeling someone through and through. That is…if it’s done for the wrong reasons. You are right, it does mask the most important part between two people; intimacy. It hides us from our own hearts until they no longer feel. Because once you feel anything, pain is inevitable. That’s the scariest part about falling in love.

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