Why I Got A Boob Job Without Changing My Bra Size

Growing up, I was what you’d call an “early bloomer”. It was the summer before sixth grade when my mom took me to buy my first bra. By the time I finished growing, I was 5'3" tall and my bra size was 34C. At the time, I wasn’t overweight or underweight, I was average. I had the perfect hourglass figure and it worked for me.

After high school, however, I found myself in an abusive relationship. I was severely depressed and became dependent on food to cope. I had gained a significant amount of weight and my bra size grew to 36C by the time I got out of the relationship several years later.

No longer depressed, I began eating healthy, exercising and lifting weights. Eight months later, I had lost the 40 pounds I gained and was slim and trim once again. My hourglass figure was back, however, on a slightly bigger scale. Despite losing weight, my hips and chest were both bigger. My bra size was still 36C, but I had zero breast tissue and without a bra my breasts were nothing but loose skin that hung down almost to my navel. I had never thought of having breast augmentation before, but at the time, it was all I could think about.

After researching the local cosmetic surgeons, I chose the one I thought was the best and made an appointment. He examined me and explained my options. He had breast implants on his desk, one was silicone, the other was saline. They were the exact implants he used in surgery. He suggested I hold them and feel their weight and texture while he explained the difference.

I’m not going to go into detail about everything he said (mainly because I can’t remember), but the deciding factor for me was when he said the silicone implants would give my breasts a more natural look than the saline implants. He explained the saline implants would have the look and feel of water balloons. I knew what he was talking about because a woman I worked with had implants and that’s exactly what hers looked like. That’s when I knew she must have gone with the saline. As I held both implants in my hands, the silicone implant felt like real breast tissue. I told him I definitely wanted silicone.

Next, we discussed size. I explained that I liked the size of my breasts, I just didn’t like the fact that I had all that extra skin from losing weight. I felt like I had to roll up my boobs just to put them in my bra. My wish was to have the same size breasts but to have the implant fill up the empty skin. Fortunately, he seemed to understand what I was trying to say.

The last decision to make was whether or not I wanted them implanted above or below the chest muscle. My doctor explained it’s best to have them implanted under the muscle (I don’t recall the reason), but he said it’s much more painful. I told him I wanted them implanted under the muscle. He warned me not everyone can have them implanted under the muscle, but said he would do his best.

The day of surgery, I was excited but nervous. The surgery was outpatient and I had to be there early in the morning. I don’t remember much because shortly after I arrived I was taken into surgery. When I woke up, my chest was heavily bandaged and I felt like my breasts were all the way up to my chin. When I said as much to my doctor, he laughed and explained my breasts were swollen and it would be several days before the swelling went down. He explained he wasn’t able to implant them under the muscle because I was missing part of the muscle on my left side.

Surprisingly, I was able to go back to work four days later and no one had any idea I’d had surgery. The doctor was right, the swelling eventually went away and when all was said and done I was a 36C. I never told anyone in my family about my surgery and no one knows. Despite seeing me in everything from strapless shirts and bathing suits to nothing but a bra, my mother and my sister still have no idea.

I loved the results then and I love them now. It’s been 12 years and I have no regrets. I haven’t gone back in to have them replaced, nor do I feel the need to.

I don’t recommend it for everyone. A boob job won’t make you less depressed. It won’t attract a mate or make your partner love you more. It won’t make you feel more like a woman.

There are, however, several good reasons to get a boob job. If for example, like me, you’ve experienced significant weight loss, breast augmentation just might be for you.

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