Religious Liberty, Bathroom Bigotry (Traitor Radio Podcast)

An activist holding a sign with the word “TRANS” sits in a Washington, D.C. crosswalk painted in the Trans Pride flag colors. June 10, 2017. (Flickr / Ted Eytan, CC SA license)

TR2: Religious Liberty, Bathroom Bigotry

At a Trans rights rally and march in Washington, D.C., a banner reads “Trans Solidarity For Justice, Against Transphobia.” May 17, 2015. (Flickr / Ted Eytan, CC SA license)


Trans marchers take part in the San Francisco Pride Parade. June 29, 2014. (Flickr / Quinn Dombrowski, CC SA license)




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Kit O'Connell

Kit O'Connell


Gonzo journalist biased toward human rights & equality. Find all my writing at Support my work at