Old article, but I’mma comment anyhow…
Shawn Jones

In terms of article age here, it’s never too old to comment!

I completely agree with what you’ve said but as time has given me some reflection now, I’m starting to see two sides of the river. On one hand you have giant monopolies (i.e Steam) that can do whatever they like on their platform and get away with it (such as completely changing discoverability at the drop of a hat .etc) — which is more or less good for customers but potentially bad for developers.

Then obviously you have the opposite, which is a managed system run by said developers, which is great for developers but bad for consumers (for the reasons listed in your reply and in the article).

I feel there needs to be some middle ground. There needs to be some sort of service, perhaps governed by a committee of game development studios on a launcher that remains fair to all of the developers and not just a select few. But they’ll encounter issues such as diluting with the amount of content so it’d be no easy feat.

It’s a future where I see no real “correct” move and either way, someone is getting shafted. It’s a shame but it feels like it’s just down hill from here!