A Not-Very-Relatable Post About Taking Zero Maternity Leave and Doing All the Things and Everything…

I also never went without showering, unless I so chose, and hot damn when you’re on maternity leave, a lot of the time that’s your choice! So, I’m guessing from that very peaceful picture of sleeping babe + Mac that your two year old was in childcare this whole time? If so, that’s awesome. I was blessed to have a 12 week, paid maternity leave with both my kids, and that since I only had 12 weeks off for the second kid, we left the first in daycare! I have vague memories of him saying “bye mommy” next to my bed as my husband carted him off every morning, leaving me with just the baby to care for. It was great. Thanks for writing this, it’s awesome to read about different parenting tactics. It all works!

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