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Fictitious Sports I Wish Were Real

Tron Legacy Light Cycle (source)

I am sure all of you at some point in time were reading a book, watching a movie or TV show, and some fictitious sport was being played, and you thought, “Wouldn’t that be cool, if that was a real sport?” I know I have, on many occasions. The movie, Ready Player One, sums it up for me. It would be the ultimate virtual reality game, and wow would it be fun!

Today I want to review a few of my favorite “fictitious” sports that have been played on the screen or in books. Now before I move on, when I say I wish these were real, I don’t mean that part where people can die. So each of the games would be modified for a no death guarantee, well as much as you can guarantee something like that, but you know what I mean.

Tron Legacy Light Cycle Racing

When I first saw the original Tron, I was blown away by the graphics, of course I was a little kid at the time, so I was easily pleased, but still, they were some pretty amazing effects. My favorite thing in the movie was the light cycle racing. It was so cool to see the computer graphics for one and the idea of the game was incredible. The players are transported to the playing grid, and grab ahold of a baton of some sort and are inserted into a light cycle. The object of the game is to drive and weave your cycle, which has a tail behind it that tail doesn’t move once it is up. So you need to catch the opponents off guard so they will run into your tail. Naturally I was even more excited when Tron Legacy came out. A movie I wish had a better box office success, because then Disney would make more of them. These new light cycles are incredible. Here is a short clip for your enjoyment:

Video from YouTube — Disney Owns the rights to this film

Wouldn’t that be awesome if this was real game? Of course if you hit the tails, you wouldn’t die, the cycle would break apart and you would fly out of it landing safely, of course, on the ground. Probably would hurt like being pounded by a linebacker. Dangerous enough to where you could break a bone, but safe enough to where you wouldn’t die.

Tron Legacy Disc Wars

I grew up playing Frisbee a lot and I play Disc Golf all the time now. Naturally a game like Disc Wars from Tron Legacy appeals to me. In the movie, they have these discs that look like Aerobies, with led lighting around them, which behave almost like boomerangs, because when thrown they come back to your hand. In the movie if a disc hits you, you get turned into little cubes. My idea would be you would have an elevated platform with pressure plates and such like in the movie that you could hit with your disc, which would cause parts of the ground to fall. If you happened to fall, you would land safely in a pool of water or something. Again, no harm intended, just sheer fun. If you managed to catch their disc you would get a point, if you hit them with your disc and they drop it or don’t catch it, you would get a certain amount of points, etc. Or pretty much have the game be exactly like in the movie, but with no death involved, and I would love it!!! It would be fun for spectators to watch as well. Team games could be made too, like a crazy Disc Wars Dodge ball, lol. Here is a Disc Wars clip from Tron Legacy:

Clip from YouTube and is property of Disney

Star Wars Holochess

Chess is one of those games that I will always like playing, the ultimate battle of wits game. I played chess quite a bit when I was younger, I will always remember the day when I finally beat my oldest brother Mark who is 9 years older then me. How awesome would it be to have a real live Holochess game? You could have the same creatures from Star Wars, or have all different kind of themes, like a Lord of the Rings theme, Marvel, DC, etc. Needless to say, I think in 30 years from now, the parks in New York City will have Holochess boards instead of the classic chessboards…hahaha. Here is hilarious clip from the movie Solo where Chewie is playing holochess:

clip from YouTube, Disney owns the rights.

The Running Man

Any Stephen King fans? Or maybe you are an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan and have seen the movie, The Running Man. Okay in the movie/book, they take criminals and make them play this game. In the game these celebrity hit men sports types go in and track down that inmates and kill them. The survivor gets a pardon, or course there aren’t ever any survivors. No I am not advocating a real life version of this where people die. But I think it would be cool if they have a similar setup, like a really cool obstacle course, where people could compete, maybe it is timed or something. And you have MMA fighters that are the ones chasing you. You are dressed up in full protective gear, and of course can tap out at any time. It would have to be made in a way that was entertaining to watch as well as participate in of course. Maybe have the prize be like 25k or something each week. I don’t know. But there would be cameras set up all over the course to track the action.


Of course I can’t talk about fictitious sports without mentioning, Quidditch from Harry Potter. I wouldn’t change anything. I would keep it exactly as is, with magic and all, broomsticks, flying around, etc., as long as I am dreaming, haha. I know people have created a way to play this game in real life, but it would be so much cooler if the game were actually real. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so naturally the idea of flying around on a broomstick with the wind blowing in my hair, or lack there of, appeals to me. Here is a look at Harry’s first Quidditch match:

Clip from YouTube. Harry Potter is owned by Warner Bros.

There are many others that I think would be cool if they were real.

What about you? Are there any fictitious sports that you have seen in a movie or read about in a book that you wish were real and that you could play? Drop a comment down below and let me know. For now I am going to grab my shoes and hit the court and play some basketball, hahaha.

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