Kitigan - A Social Enterprise Cultivating Aboriginal Art

Kitigan headquarters located in Downtown Toronto, Design District. Featuring a mural by Joseph Sagaj, Ojibwe artist.

Kitigan is an eCommerce social enterprise that launch in 2013.

What is a social enterprise you ask?

A social enterprise is a business that applies market strategies to maximize social and/or environmental well-being. In this way, it achieves a blended value of social and financial aims.

Kitgan operates under Villages Equity Corporation (VEC) and was founded by the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC). Located in Toronto, Canada, Kitigan operates in the heart of the Interior Design district.

Kitigan strives to support Aboriginal art and artisans by selling authentic high-end traditional art to the masses. Kitigan also partners directly with Aboriginal artists or through Friendship Centres and participating Aboriginal businesses and organizations, who act as our suppliers. Kitigan also provides educational information regarding the diverse styles, cultures and regions from which Aboriginal peoples and their art come from.

One of a kind Aboriginal moccasins made with moose hide, glass beads and fur.

What is a Friendship Centre?

Friendship Centres are not-for-profit corporations which are mandated to serve the needs of all Aboriginal people regardless of legal definition, and are the primary service delivery agents for Aboriginal people requiring culturally-sensitive and culturally-appropriate services in urban communities.

The vision of the Friendship Centre movement is to “improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people living in an urban environment by supporting self-determined activities which encourage equal access to and participation in Canadian society and which respect Aboriginal cultural distinctiveness.

The name Kitigan is an Ojibway word meaning “garden”. The name symbolizes growth, prosperity and nurturing from Mother Earth. The products marketed and sold are drawn from the earth; they are made, carved, sewn and preserved from wood, stone, cloth, bone, glass, metals, leather, and other natural materials.

Quill Box made by hand from Birch Bark, Sweetgrass and Dyed Porcupine Quills.

Please visit us at and support our talented artists.

We can also be reached at for any inquires.

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