This is the most brutally honest piece I have seen on MyErotica so far.

I’m so glad you posted this comment Kat . I was concerned this piece might come off as criticizing or shaming or insulting BDSM or kink or as if it’s an opinion on “different sexual practices.” I really don’t have an opinion on what consenting adults do and think there is a lot of room for play/imagination in sex, etc. My intention with this piece was much more on what happens when we hide behind the characters and play and what are we hiding from? And when we believe we are so “free” with no attachments actually we are less free because we have to stay contained emotionally, not make any demands on the other person, not to cross emotional barriers. It seems these casual relationships masquerade as being freeing but actually confine us to smaller boxes than if we could give and take everything, good and bad. I’m so glad that it came through for you and I am happy you enjoyed it! — Kitten

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