On Being Childless by Default, not by Design

Parenting requires two people

Kitty Hannah Eden
May 4 · 4 min read

Giving life is the greatest human responsibility there is and one that should never be undertaken lightly. Feeling lonely, wanting someone to love you, or a ticking biological clock aren’t reason enough to have a child.

If going it alone sounds like an appealing prospect to some women, I can only think of how miserable I was growing up so far away from my beloved father. I was raised by a single mom who moved to the other end of the country when she decided she didn’t love my dad anymore.

More than material wealth, a child needs two committed, devoted, and loving parents to model what love is and how to be a human in the world.

One parent can never be those two people, and no amount of technology can ever plug in the person-shaped gap left by that missing other, when they even exist.

This is what a parent is, someone who can relate so deeply to another human they’re naturally able to put that person’s needs before their own. They’re someone for whom love is self-evident rather than inconvenient.

Because parenting is the most selfless job there is.

Kitty Hannah Eden

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