Starting Fresh

Well, after the failure of a vegan diet, I cannot focus on the fact that I didn’t stick to it. I need to focus on the positive. Through it, I learned how to budget for better food. I learned a few delicious new recipes that I will use all the time. I also learned that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to eat healthy AND gourmet.

Thus begins the family transition. I am starting this morning out with some scrambled eggs (Connor’s favorite) and whole grain toast (for the boys). I also have some beautiful red onion and a bright red bell pepper to add to the eggs.I am thinking of throwing a little frozen spinach in there for a little more color, although I think the chives I have in the fridge will taste better.

For lunch, I am going to have a salad. A nice, big, filling salad. Though it may be a bit unique as I am pretty much out of lettuce.

For my dinner, I plan to have grilled chicken with a few tomato wedges on the side, maybe the rest of my red bell pepper too.

As for snacking throughout the day, I am going to focus on my water intake first and work from there.

So, without further adieu, Bon Appetit!