The Lazy Vegan: Day Eight

Sorry for my late post last night, folks. I have been struggling with this the past two days. I am serious about making this change but I have had the unfortunate circumstance of having to send my husband with a shopping list. No matter how detailed I write it, he always seems to forget something. So as of tomorrow’s shopping trip, I have told him to give me a budget and I will work my shopping list separate from the household groceries so I can have what I want without taking away from what they have. I will be sharing this weeks menu below, each a link to the recipe I plan to use. I hope you guys will try some of these recipes with me!

For this first week, I stumbled upon a great web page that teaches how to eat vegan on $21/week! I will be following this as I have limited amount of funds to work with and I am looking forward to being able to present this plan to Matt. I was typing up a huge elaborate meal plan, but as I was typing and looking up delicious recipes, I was realizing it was going to get expensive, buying food for myself and then having to buy for the house. So I will be trying this out starting tomorrow.

Time to go make my shopping list! Bon Appetit!