The Lazy Vegan: Day Seven

Well, I fell off the wagon completely today. I have been feeding into this by giving myself slack. I am doing up my own shopping list for tomorrow so I can start fresh and make sure that all of my meals are accounted for. I will not fail again! I have already made so much progress, so I know I am doing something right. My two hundred crunches every morning is helping a lot and I have majorly increased my water intake. I need to start remembering my vitamins.

I need to take my grocery shopping into my own hands. I need to be able to find what I need on my own. So starting this week, I am writing my own shopping and doing my own thing, letting Matt and the kids get what they need. Matt sets my budget, and I just need to follow it.

I am also in contact with new support groups. I am hoping to get a treadmill and/or an elliptical bike in a few weeks. I am building up my endurance in beginner squats. I am feeling better with it all, but I am not noticing severe changes yet. I am trying to fit in cardio into my schedule every day.

In the meantime, I will continue trying to eat a diet of all veggies, or close to. I will keep sharing recipes as I find them, and as always, Bon Appetit!

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