The Lazy Vegan: Day Ten

So today is my official hardcore start to my devotion to the lifestyle of eating vegan. I bought all of my groceries yesterday for a week for just under $27. I was hoping to keep it cheaper, but I will need to start clipping coupons if I plan to do that. I will be getting my printer hooked up today and buying paper next time I am out. I plan to combine my new habits with some money earning tactics I use, such as the site Inbox Dollars, where I can earn money by using their coupons I print out. I also am a huge advocate for the mperks system. Check that out if you haven’t already.

As for my menu for the day, I am starting out with Kashi frozen blueberry waffles. Apparently they recently changed their recipe to be vegan friendly and I am thrilled because I have been a Kashi fan since I was a child. I look forward to tasting these for the first time and will have a full review by tomorrow morning.

Lunch is one of my all time favorites, peanut butter and banana sandwich! I am looking forward to crunchy peanut butter mashing into a soft banana! My only problem here is that I am so used to having a glass of milk with this sandwich, but I am trying to cut out everything but water and an occasional smoothie.

My dinner tonight is a vegan taco salad, with black beans, refried beans (I found a vegetarian variety), tomato, and tortilla chips crumbled on top. Mmmmmmm, I am looking forward to this! And it will make enough for a few meals.

Timer just dinged on my waffle. I am going to enjoy my breakfast. Bon Appetit!