We must pass the PAWS ACT

The PAWS ACT, if passed into law, would allocate funding to agencies and shelters providing safe haven to women and pets fleeing from domestic violence situations, and more. Presently, over 40% of women remain in dangerous situations with their abusers, as to not leave a beloved pet behind. Most domestic violence shelters are not equipped to handle pets on site. Abusers use this to dominate and control family members into compliance. Pets are maimed, injured, and even sadly killed by abusers, using them as pawns in their wicked attempts to instill horror and fear into family members.

Adriana Meucci and Animal Activist and Jules Lavallee, Founder of Kitty Whoop Ass, LLC need your help to pass this crucial bill.

We launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to buy PAWS ACT t-shirts. We want to sell t-shirts for $10 to build awareness and to have celeb endorsements. 100% of the proceeds will go the Closter Animal Welfare Society where I volunteer.

Adriana Meucci is an animal activist and writer. She has been written up in magazines and blogs. You can view my background at www.adrianameucci.com

Jules Lavallee, Founder of Kitty Whoop Ass, LLC a brand dedicated to the empowerment of women is a philanthropist and Business Strategist from Boston. www.kittywhoopass.net

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