Reading Often, Reading Quicker

I love to read. I have always enjoyed reading columns. But when it came to reading books I was never sure if I would be able to stay interested until the last page. I had to force myself to finish a book on many occasions. I realised that if I had to force myself to read, I gained no enjoyment from it.

But recently I have changed my approach to reading and now I am reading books much quicker than ever before. The best part is I am able to stay interested until the last page of every book.

When I reflect back, I see some key things I changed that helped me read more:-

1) I borrowed an E-reader:

My husband keeps his E-reader with him at all times. For years he had been trying to sell me on the idea of one. So, a while back just for a change, I happened to borrow his E-reader. And to my surprise, I loved it. It gives me the ability to change the font size, highlight, regulate the brightness of the screen and much more. I am also able to learn new words and their meaning without disturbing my reading flow because of the inbuilt dictionary. All these features have made it easier for me to read. It comes handy wherever I go. So, all the waiting and commuting time that I spent aimlessly checking my phone is now reading time.

2) Regular library or bookstore visits:

I make sure to visit libraries or bookstores at least once a month. Reading is a contagious activity. Seeing other people reading stimulates my appetite for it. Also this way I am up to date on the books that are new in my field of interest. During every visit to the bookstore, I try to hunt for at least two new books that I would love to read next. This also helps me to read my current book faster as I can’t wait to read the next one in the queue.

3) Fixed time for reading:

I have made it a custom to read for at least 20 minutes a day. As my target is not unrealistic, It does not feel like a load. I don’t have to push myself anymore. It just comes naturally to me as a part of my daily routine. As I start my day, I look excitedly for what I’m going to read. Although my time spent reading each day is not a lot, reading on a consistent basis means I can read faster as a result of the regular practice.

A perfect evening

We tend to forget what we have read after some time. I try to implement at least one thing from each book that I read. Newly, I have found a few good ways to capture and remember what I read.

I often talk about the books I have read recently with friends and family. A few days ago when I read a book about French lifestyle, I looked for an opinion from a friend living in Paris. Discussion motivates me to dig deeper into the topic.

After I have read and admired a book, I make sure to follow up to know more about the writer on the web. Sometimes I find amusing things. The author of the last book that I read lives in my city and not very far from where I live. Every book gives me new Pins on my Pinterest boards, new blogs for my bookmarks, new youtube channels to subscribe to and a lot more to follow. This feels like I add another little dimension to my world with every book I read.

Reading a good book feels like a wise person talking to me. And every time these conversations take place, they broaden my mind. …