Lender love stories

Kiva lenders are amazing– more than 1.6 million of you have stepped up to the challenge of alleviating global poverty by helping create opportunity.

On the Kiva website, there is an active and supportive lender community, with lending teams and message boards. But the magic also continues offline when friends, colleagues and families bond together by making life-changing loans together. From first timers to Kiva veterans, lenders inspire Kiva to develop new, innovative ways to drive social impact.

Kiva’s recent milestone of hitting $1 billion in life-changing loans is a shared accomplishment. During our $1 billion celebration, we asked our lenders to write about their personal Kiva stories. We loved them so much, we had to share:

Impactful connections, whether across the world or right next door, is what Kiva is all about. These lenders shared how Kiva helps bring people together:

In the fall of 2008, I heard about Kiva during a casual conversation…I told a neighbor about it, and we decided to get a group of neighbors together and try it for ourselves. This led to an invitation to bring a dish to share and $5.00 to my house in January of 2009. The meeting was a roaring success (the food was excellent!) so we decided to meet every 2 months on a Sunday evening at one of our houses. We named ourselves The Beverly Quarriers, because my house is across from the site of a former granite Quarry, and the rest is history. Since then we have eaten VERY well, brought our $5.00 each, and added in whatever has been repaid into our kitty, and had a lot of fun doing so. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to do this. it has become a very important part of our lives.” — Kiva Lender

Kiva lenders know the power of showcasing each borrower’s unique journey and potential. See why lenders have also chosen Kiva as a way to celebrate and honor the journey of their loved ones:

“Our middle son was killed by a drunk driver in 2008, at the age of 23. At the time, he was planning a much anticipated backpacking trip to New Zealand with a friend. By 2011, our family decided that we should take his trip for him. So at the end of December, five of us traveled to New Zealand for a great adventure. It was while we were there that we encountered some info about Kiva. (It was actually at a zipline adventure where we saw the info.) Remembering this when we got back home, we decided to make a small contribution to Kiva each year on our son’s birthday. I believe that some other family members and friends have also joined in this effort. Our donations are small, and the total we have contributed pales in comparison to what many other do. But we feel that it is a great organization; and we like to think that our son, Matt, would approve.” — Doug H.

For many of you, Kiva is the way you choose to do good in the world, and we love hearing why:

I decided to start making Kiva loans because just donating to charities seemed so impersonal. While I never meet the recipients of the Kiva loans, it is nice to read their proposals, dreams and get a gist of the personality involved. Fortunately, the contributions I have made to Kiva become self renewing. Even now that my funds are tighter and I couldn’t spare as much money, the repayment of the loans permit me to keep donating. It costs just a little to make the donations to cover Kiva fees. I have shared the Kiva story to many people. Enticing others to help support the Kiva dream. It’s lovely to be a benefactor and participate in random acts of kindness that make a difference in one person’s world at a time. Thank you.” — Sue B.

I was introduced to Kiva through a PBS TV program in Nov. 2006. I have been lending every month since then. It is an immense pleasure to see a person do well and smile — and to be part of their effort to change life for better. Such change can have exponential impact in the future! After all, the whole world is a big family — we all have our duty to help each other in whatever way possible. — Krishna

Dear friends at Kiva, I first heard about Kiva about 10 years ago. We had an interim pastor at our church at the time, and he shared information about Kiva during one of his sermons. I knew immediately that I wanted to participate. I started a fund with my coupon money. Each time I shopped for groceries, I added the amount I saved to my Kiva fund. I don’t use coupons very often anymore, but I do continue to make Kiva loans. I usually lend to folks who work with some type of textile product since sewing is my hobby. This is a great organization!” — Susan

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