Test your geography knowledge | Green World

This is the fourth post in a geography quiz series to expand your knowledge of the countries where Kiva works. Lend to green entrepreneurs around the world here.

Question 1.
Fill in the blank: _______ creates a simple, cyclical system: Worms are added to giant bins of soil, where Domitila, a Kiva borrower from Mexico, also disposes all of her household’s organic waste. The worms break down the waste resulting in nutrient-rich soil and a watery byproduct full of healthy compounds that can then be used in other areas of the farm.

  1. Vermiculture
  2. Permaculture
  3. Bacterial culture
  4. Apiculture

Question 2.
Kiva borrowers in Kenya use old newspapers to make paper products; soda cans to make Christmas ornaments; and shredded plastic to make photo frames. The amount of lost energy from throwing away recyclable commodities such as aluminum cans and newspapers is equivalent to the annual output of how many power plants?

  1. 2
  2. 15
  3. 50
  4. 500

Question 3.
Pollinator populations, including honey bees and native bees, are on the decline though they are vital to keeping fruits, nuts, and vegetables in our diets. City Bees in San Francisco aims to help bees survive their current health challenges. What is the most common form of pollination for flowers?

  1. Humans
  2. Wind
  3. Water
  4. Animals

Question 4.
Approximately 3 billion people around the world cook on open fire. In Kenya and Ethiopia, cookstoves have many benefits for Kiva borrowers, including which of the following?

  1. Minimized greenhouse gases
  2. Virtually smokeless burning
  3. 70% less fuel requirement
  4. All of the above

Question 5.
In Uganda, Catherine is a Solar Sister — female entrepreneurs who sell solar energy products like solar lanterns to their communities. The amount of energy in ______ of direct sunlight striking the earth would fuel worldwide energy consumption for one year.

  1. 5 minutes
  2. 40 minutes
  3. 24 hours
  4. 1 week

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