Test your geography knowledge | Oceania

This is the third post in a geography quiz series to expand your knowledge of the countries where Kiva works. Lend to Oceanian entrepreneurs here.

Questions by Crystal Chandy. Photos by Kiva Fellows, Adria Orr, Nelly Martin, Caroline Dorr and Rick Beck.

  1. What kind of tree is used to make an ‘ie tōga’, the finely woven mat with the highest cultural value in the Sāmoa islands and made only by women?
    a. Eucalyptus tree
    b. Pandanus tree
    c. Indian date palm tree
    d. Coconut tree

2. The name for the article of daily clothing that consists of a single rectangular cloth traditionally worn as a skirt by Samoans and other Oceanic people is __________.

a. Cheongsam
b. Muumuu
c. Lava-lava
d. Chitenje

3. Timor-Leste holds an annual festival in February/March as a nod to its colonial past. There is a parade, people dress up in traditional costumes and bands play music until late in the night. What is this festival?
a. Independence Day
b. Carnaval
c. Songkran Water Festival
d. Holi

4. “__________ money” is traditionally used as currency and jewelry all over the South Pacific. Its value is created by women who collect and trade them.
a. Pebble
b. Gemstone
c. Shell
d. Seed

5. The “Cristo Rei” or “Statue of Jesus” on the headland east of Dili is accessed by a route along the beach and up steps featuring the Stations of the Cross. It was a gift from Indonesia and designed to face which city?
a. Jerusalem
b. Jakarta
c. Vatican City
d. Mecca

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