O broken heart why

Do you cry so?

This unrequited love or one

Already spoken for.

When you leave out of the door

Without a good-by glance,

This soul sinks to the

Very bottom of the darkest depths,

And a piece of me goes along

With you until the next day comes,

Where I wish for a smile.

I wish for a touch,

And you’re gone,

And I’m left with just these dreams.

I wonder,

Do you feel this energy?

Do I linger on your beautiful skin?

Does she sense me,

When she touches you?

Do you carry me in your eyes?

The truth pains me,

Therefore I avoid yours.

O Heart Be Still

And do not betray this

Only love I call my own

Heed not the longing of this

Sweet fruit.

Do not enter these dreams

To make them a reality,

But just a glance,

Just a graze,

Just a smile

Within those eyes

Will satiate these demons

Until I reach the core.

Come away and acknowledge

This spirit that sways and yawns

Until you sense it.

Encourage a reason until I break

The riddle that you make with your


And I’ll love briefly,

In secret

How ever many times,

Until it tears us both apart

And leaves us both in flames

With empty, broken hearts.

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