I’ve read recent news reports stating that Donald Trump is practically unstoppable now as the new Republican Party candidate and even more scarily, a possible President of the US. That to me is scary! Not necessarily from a political or economic point of view (even though that would be enough) but more that it just about smacks against every moral fibre I have.

I’m not sure what world I woke up in this morning but it seems that it’s one where the most powerful nation in the world are considering to elect a power mongering, toupee’d racist as their President largely thanks to the vote of confidence from an Alaskan ‘soccer mom’ who once pronounced that waterboarding was the way the US “baptised terrorists.”

Now Trump and Palin can go and eat a massive bag of dicks but that’s not the point of this particular rant. They are just symptomatic of what the whole world is suffering from.

My point is that when, as a species, did we become such a bunch of Empire building, insular fucktards, who’s humanity seems to start and end at the end of our noses?

There are many examples of this. Firstly; ‘homeless spikes’??? The spikes that businesses put in doorways to stop the homeless from sheltering there. What?! Really?! Have we become so indoctrinated by money and power that we see a homeless person sleeping in ‘our’ doorway that we would invest in spikes to stop them, purely because ‘it doesn’t look good’???

The refugee crisis is horrible but largely one that we (along with the US) created by entering into an illegal war and ruining many, many people’s lives. And now, when we see people starving, desperate and lost, thanks to the fucked up mess we created, we look at the 0.01% who might be a threat to National security and a reason not to feed and house the other desperate majority. I mean… thank goodness they’re immigrants or we might have to treat them like human beings!!

2016 and has been wank enough with the deaths of some pretty groovy people. Can’t we all just be a bit nicer to each other and stop being dicks? Can we look at another person as a human first rather than a problem or a threat? Fortunately, we have religion as a diktat for the common good who’s teachings always leads to peace and humanity and not mind altering bullshit…… but that’s for another day.

Anyway…..be nice to each other and don’t be a massive prick when you have the option not to be. And don’t endorse anything that Donald, motherfucking, rat haired, Trump has to say. I hear he only gets spray tanned with the tears of Mexicans….. and that’s not nice.

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