The Oscars game: guess who wins the most prestigious movie award in 2017

Hello there,

February 26 is the day of the 89th Academy Awards ceremony. The Oscars is a holiday for fans and an interesting show for all those viewers who just want to find a good weekend movie.

To make Oscars even more entertaining, you can join our special game The Oscars 2017.

Your goal is pretty simple: try to guess 5 winners of Oscars in any nominations. Unlike most of the games with predictions, we made a process of picking your winners more challenging:

You have a limited budget of 10 stars: technically, it means that you can’t take only blockbusters and obvious favorites. For example, you can’t have La La Land for all 5 nominations:

You can choose from ALL Oscars nominations: but if you don’t want to pick a short movie or technical nominations, you can just switch to the most popular section.

Each nominee has some useful info on its card: we’ve put IMDb ratings and odds to make your choice even more… biased :)

Of course, share your prediction with friends, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to pick your Oscars team right now.