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I am a morning lover and explorer, and a night thinker and writer.

My early mornings are reserved for connecting with a part of myself that is entirely elemental. I love the morning air. It motivates and cleanses me. The still surroundings, the calming blanket of the subtle sunrise, the other-worldly breath of the ocean waves massaging the shore… There is nothing quite so refreshing. Early mornings mimic birth. The world around us is new; It welcomes our newly awakend minds into its fresh nature from the tender transcendence of our milti-dimentional nightly travels.

My nights are for riding the waves of bold emotionless motivation and recalling the events of the day. Soaking in the magical moonlight and letting my mind run wild with unrealistic ideas and desires is a great way to set the stage for an awesome trip to dreamland. I allow myself to fall asleep where ever I am in my home. It makes dreaming much more adventurous.

Although, I have got to stop turning on the television (Will & Grace) - after I have explored the depths of my mind - and falling asleep with the it on. It is so disturbing…

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