This is more of a rant than anything, but did you ever notice that doing things DIY style (aka CHEAP) is ridiculous? Not for everyone, and certainly not for my whole life: but as an adult who works for a living and has a family: my goodness! What a load of hogsmead!

Just got done having this conversation with someone about how baking your own bread using a bread machine is NOT economical. Not because you don’t save money. Because you do. Slightly… But because it’s a waste of your freaking time if you’re doing it to save money. I mean, if you’re going to cook anyways, you’re probably going to be going to buy groceries right? So buy a loaf of bread. If not, here’s the tradeoff (After you spend a few bucks on buying the bread maker that is).


  • You can bake several loaves of bread for probably less than a buck
  • Your bread will be fresh and yummy! (uhhh, who cares? It’s bread. I’m going to get sick of my own bread if that’s all I bake in a week anyways)


  • Your bread maker needs to be setup for each load of bread which means making the dough. Less than 5 minutes to take out flour, get the right amount of water, and mix it
  • You gotta wait for your load to be done (or just be back when it is done). Great, another obligation.
  • You gotta clean up your mess (have fun cleaning up the flour if you want a countertop that is flour-free).
  • You gotta eat like 100 loaves of bread to save enough money from your loaves to pay back that bread maker you built

Ok so great. Now you have a loaf of bread. How much are you going to eat anyways? I don’t know about you, but after the first loaf, homemade bread would lose its novelty. Then I’m stuck eating bread if I don’t want to look like all the losers who bought into the bread baking fad during the 90’s, and then gave up after a week/month/loaf/3loaves.

There are way better things to do with my time if I was interested in money — like taking an online course, reading a book, programming, etc… I mean, if you LIKE baking bread, that’s one thing. But if you don’t — like most of us don’t — BAKING BREAD IS NOT ECONOMICAL WHEN YOU FACTOR IN HOW REALISTIC IT IS THAT YOU’LL ACTUALLY WANT TO BAKE BREAD WITH YOUR TIME.

Anycow, as an adolescent/teen/young adult with a lot of free time on my hands and not a lot of money — yeah, baking bread may be a good experience. Go for it if you want to. But as an adult with a seriously limited amount of time each day, the last thing I want to do is be a cheap DIYer who’s pinching pennies when I could just spend a tiny fraction of the money I make each day so that I can spend my time off of work doing things that actually matter to me: time with family, writing, reading, meditating, exercising, talking with friends, improving myself, watching tv, getting more sleep, walking my dog.

Maybe baking bread isn’t such a chore for you as it is for me because you’re already spending a lot of time in the kitchen, or at home. Or maybe you’re just much more in need of the $2 you save from a loaf of homemade bread than I am.

I’m not saying I’m too rich to care about saving money. Rather, I’m too middle-class and need to focus on the things that matter in life to care about saving every penny.

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