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I’m guessing you’re a white supremacist because you came to the defense of this essay that gushes over the alt-right (aka white supremacists, formerly known as the Klan or White Citizens Councils or Christian Identity Movement or Aryan Nations or the John Birch Society, etc. etc.) and because Amy doesn’t just acknowledge listening to the nazis, Amy vigorously evangelizes the nazi bullshit.

I’m guessing you are a white supremacist because your first instinct was to deflect to “AllLivesMatter” and “blackcrime” like an alt-right douchebag would do because you fucks figure if you can deflect and sea lion enough, then people will just shut up and won’t rock the boat of white supremacist status quo.

And I noticed you still can’t admit that black lives do, indeed matter. Because it’s too divisive? Poor thing. Cameron Moore’s life matters. It truly does. His opinions are shit because he just parrots Brietbart and Stormfront, but his life matters as much as any life on the planet. *kiss

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