Introducing Klas for Teams

1 min readSep 19, 2022


Today we’re excited to unveil Klas for Teams, our collaborative live training tool.

As part of our new Teams plan, we’ve bundled up all the magic of Klas Pro and added features that teams will love such as team management capabilities.

With the launch of Klas for Teams, we offer teams of all sizes the ability to teach and collaborate together.

Powering live trainings at scale

Our core demographic has always been creators and knowledge experts. But with the launch of Klas for Teams, we broaden our customer base to include training schools who require a more powerful, collaborative product offering, without the price tag, clunkiness, and complexity of existing enterprise LMS.

Klas for Teams has already attracted the attention of major training schools including: The Bulb, Univelcity, Alida School, and many others who are already using the new solution. Here are some exciting features:

  • Run multiple classes at the same time
  • Invite unlimited admins and instructors
  • Approval workflows and assign roles
  • Team reports and analytics
  • 3% transaction fees on bookings

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