Introducing Rooms- A community for every class

We’re excited to announce Rooms, a community tool that helps you to engage and interact with your students.

About Klas Rooms

With Klas Rooms, you can organize discussions, interact one-on-one with your students, brainstorm together, and post announcements. You can add a community experience to your classes.

Every class scheduled on Klas will automatically have a unique chat room created for it.

Why we’re excited about Klas Rooms

  • You can now easily engage and connect with your students.
  • No need for Slack, Telegram, or WhatsApp anymore!
  • You can increase student engagement in your class.

How does Klas Rooms work?

From your student’s point of view:

  • After a student books a class, they get the class details in their email which includes a link to join the chat room for the class.

From your perspective as a Klas creator:

  • After creating a class on Klas, you should click on “view details” in the home page. This will take you to the class details page.
  • There you will see a button to start the class, another to share class invite, and a third button called “chat room”. If you click on this chat room button, it will take you to the unique chat room assigned to your class.

Common questions

Is Klas Rooms available in the free plan?

Yes, Klas Rooms is available to all creators in both free and pro plans.

Is Klas Rooms automatically enabled for my account?

Yes, it is. You also can’t disable this feature.

A new era of live learning

We’re excited to see how Klas Rooms helps improve your teaching on Klas. Your students will love the simplicity and convenience, you’ll love the increased engagement.

If you have any questions at all about Rooms, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re happy to help❤️



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