Welcome to Kleenheat

Welcome to the Kleenheat medium blog. We are a growing and innovative utility in Western Australia. My name is Chris Chapman and I’m the Digital Manager.

Over time we’ll publish posts on a range of topics in relation to the energy industry, customer focus, innovative solutions and occasionally, lessons learnt from some definite failures.

Increasingly utilities need to think differently — the energy industry is fast moving, far more than many would think. Facing disruption from a number of sides, valuing the customer has never been more important. This focus provides opportunity to leverage existing customer relationships but also learn from traditionally more customer focused industries.

About my team

The Kleenheat Digital team encompasses a number of areas:

  • Web design and development
  • Data science and business intelligence

We also commonly drive a number of innovations with a strong focus on our customers.

The first series of posts will come from me, with me colleagues contributing from time to time going forward on a range of topics — those listed above and maybe some more.

Please get in touch with any questions/thoughts you may have.