Statement On the 97th District Debate on WGAL

The Charlie Klein for State Representative campaign released the following statement after the completion of Friday morning’s debate between Charlie Klein, Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 97th District, and incumbent Republican Steven Mentzer.

“We want to thank WGAL for hosting Representative Mentzer and Charlie for an exchange of ideas for the 97th District. We were happy that the Representative finally accepted our offer to debate after months of continual political posturing,” said campaign manager Alan Silverman.

“The people of the 97th deserve to hear solutions from their choices for Representative for the issues facing our community — including opioid addiction, unemployment, and the state budget. While we were happy to spend time debating Rep. Mentzer, I think that voters will clearly see why he avoided a debate for three months. The debate showed that one candidate has professional experience dealing with our opioid epidemic; One candidate is willing to make fiscally responsible decisions over the state budget; And, one candidate will not just be a seat-filler for a political party, but will be a representative for the community. That candidate is clearly Charlie Klein.”

The debate taped on Friday morning will air at a later date. The Klein campaign also announced that Charlie will participate in a League of Women Voters debate forum on October 20th.

“I’m looking forward to speaking with the League of Women Voters and having a discussion about solutions to the issues we face. I hope that Representative Mentzer will also accept the invitation so voters can hear our contrasting leadership experiences and ideas for making Harrisburg work again. I encourage community members in the 97th District to reach out to his office and ask him to participate,” said Klein.

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