Safeway, their store manager Ben Sarmardi, and a veteran that lost their job because of a disability.

In 2013 a U.S disabled Veteran working at Safeway in Scottsdale, Arizona lost her job as a direct result of their disability. Since then dozens of protests has been held in Scottsdale, AZ against the maltreatment of Veterans’ at this Safeway location.

When I contacted the then store manager, Ben Sarmadi he was unapologetic on how Veterans’ were being treated under his leadership. Sarmadi allegedly allowed Veterans to be discriminated against and their disabilities to be used against them.

After finding out what happened dozens of Arizona residents stood in solidarity to the Veteran that was so unfairly treated by Sarmadi and Safeway. For the past few years dozens of Arizona-residents rallied against Safeway and Sarmadi. They are demanding better working conditions for employees of Safeway, especially disabled Veterans.

A Veteran that honorably served their country should not be in fear of losing their job because of a disability that occurred while on Active Duty. Our troops put their lives on the line each and everyday protecting our Freedom. When they transition into a civilian career their disabilities should never be used against them.