Faith Healers live in lala land: It’s ok if you have an illness

Faith healers believe they can pray any illness, sickness, or injury away; so God can heal you. I strongly believe in the power of the mind and many ailments can be healed. I don’t think faith healers have a good understanding of God (who does?). We are born unto this world with imperfect bodies. Our bodies are designed to wear down. Cartilage wears away over time, it’s designed that way to happen. Our bodies are very poorly designed if we were meant to live life without illness and disease. Babies every day are born with illnesses. It’s the cycle of life.

A couple of faith healers were praying for me. And a woman with her hands over my shoulder prayed that God would take all my pain and I would not hurt again, I stopped her right there. I said, “I don’t believe that. I accept my pain and I’m ok with it. My scoliosis isn’t just going to disappear and my degenerative arthritis in my foot isn’t going to mend. But I do believe that I can get better with pain.” The man told me how he prayed for a woman and she said the arthritis in her back was healed. He asked, “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wear any shoes you wanted?” I told him that my feet were just poorly designed and that’s the way they were made, “See how high my arches are, they don’t properly distribute my body's weight and that’s the problem. What’s worse than pain is depression. I’m ok with my pain but it’s easy to get depressed when you have pain. Depression takes everything away from you. I haven’t been depressed recently and that is the best and pain doesn’t have to affect me.” I agreed to let them pray for me again but against depression and anxiety. I really didn’t want them to but I knew it was coming from a good heart.

I am not a Christian but I know the Bible well. God was awful to Job and let Satan give him so much pain and even took away his family. But God just wanted to prove to Satan that someone would still honor and worship him no matter what terrible things he’d go through. It doesn’t make you wrong or bad for any pain that you have. It is life we all break down, every single thing breaks down. (The Lion King song, The Circle of Life is playing in my head right now.) People die and then become part of the Earth. Life as God made it. Don’t feel bad for what you go through, accept it. Why wish, when it just makes you want what you don’t have? When we want what we don’t have, we become jealous or depressed. Accept your current situation.

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