Simple Dinner

I have a big ol Aroma steamer I bought at Wal-Mart for about 45 bucks. It makes life very easy. My husband and I cook everything in it. Not only is it the healthiest way to cook food because you are left with more nutrients, it is so easy to clean up. I don’t have to worry about a ton of dirty pots and pans. We use our steamer just about every day. Rice tastes the best cooked in a steamer. Also steak tastes the best cooked in a steamer. I’d rather eat a steamed steak at home then at some fancy restaurant, you can’t get a more tender and moist steak full of it’s own meaty flavor if wasn’t cooked in a steamer.

Tonight out of the steamer I made a fish dinner.

First I made the jasmine rice, it takes about 50 mins to cook. You can find the rice to water ratio in your steamer guide. I wanted some Mediterranean flavors, so I put a couple dashes of whole savory and a dash of dill seeds in it. It so easy just add water, let it cook, and just stir it up a couple times while it is cooking. Then after that was cooked I put the rice in another bowl and put two pieces of frozen swai fillets on the top tray.I like getting the big value packs of bagged fish in the frozen fish section of Wal-Mart. We make our food cheap and easy. Since I don’t defrost the fish I set the timer for 30 minutes on the steamer. Only a small amount of water needs to be put in the steamer bowl for that. I let the fish cook for ten minutes then I sprinkled it with Mrs Dash Lemon Pepper and a little bit of dill seeds. Then I wait until there is 10 minutes left and put in some frozen veggies. Then done. Bam, an easy complete dinner with just a steamer. And clean up was a breeze.

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