So Much I Could Share

I have so much I could share, it’s just I don’t know who can relate. I have found what I know and have seen just doesn’t settle well with others who can’t relate, then they have strong opinions to advise me with.

Do not take advice from those who cannot understand you. You don’t ask your car mechanic friend advice for fixing your toilet. It’s the same reasoning you don’t take advice from a friend about mental health disorders or unhealthy family members when they don’t have a relationship to the same or similar issue.

I have schizophrenic family members, I’ve seen a lot within mental health. I’ve ended many relationships within my family and I would like it to stay that way. I have battled with major depression and anxiety so I have handled many issues within myself.

I’ve conquered many obstacles in life, and many would never know. I know I have so much to give to others, I just have to reach out of my shell and say, “Here are some things I have dealt with and you aren’t alone.”