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Yes and sometimes I’ve been depressed without negative thoughts and my thoughts were on the positive side looking at the good but that didn’t stop my low energy levels, and then my thoughts turned to negative, because depression magnifies pain and feelings. I had trouble keeping up the good outlook. Depression doesn’t always start with thinking and this is a part of clinical depression. Negative thinking will make it worse and positive thinking doesn’t always make it better. I found it’s better to accept how you feel at the moment. Being depressed and wanting to be happy makes it harder. My husband will remind me that I won’t always feel that way. It hard to see that when I’m depressed because the moment can feel like always but it’s not, I will have moment’s or times of happiness and same for sadness. I’ve learned a lot about mindfulness techniques it’s been the most helpful for my depression and anxiety. I finally found an anti depressant medicine after years that has a positive impact on me and it’s been several months that I’ve taken it. I was always scared of trying new meds (I have tried many but not for long)because I would have a severe negative side effect. I thought my bodies chemistry would never find it’s match. Since taking the new meds I haven’t been depressed more than a couple hours otherwise it would of lingered on for days or longer. For others there is hope. And life is about learning. We learn about ourselves, others, and about anything else we desire. Keep hope and keep learning.

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