Lower back pain – What you can do in the workplace?

The modern workplace is almost synonymous with low back pain (LBP). Hours spent in a position that evolutionally we suddenly moved into is creating a major problem for the modern workforce. Here is what the HSE are reporting for the national workforce; there is a clear trend for females to experience more LBP with symptoms present more commonly in people aged 45+.

There are a range of diagnoses attributed to LBP; Disc pathology (bulges, herniations), Spinal Stenosis, Facet joint arthritis… and it’s always a hot debate between practitioners to what is the right one to treat.

The problem I have here is the focus on the right diagnosis… the right label for your pain. More time is seemingly spent on giving your pain the right name. The reality here is that imaging (x-rays, MRI) have been shown to be less than useful for creating an accurate picture of why there is pain. This is approach is show to be even less useful for chronic back pain.

What is important is understanding that pictures only show a small part of the problem. Exploring how to the body moves in relation to itself will show why various areas are being over of underused. Why is the disc causing pain… why is the facet joint showing signs of arthritis… why are the muscles in the area in spasm…? Theses are questions that can only be answered by assessing the movement of the body as a whole. Questioning what your body experiences on a regular basis and identifying the causes (not cause) of pain. These causes create barriers to the body healing itself and simply put if you can remove these barriers pain will disappear. Sounds simple… the reality is it can be that simple.

Here is the part where you’d expect to see the “Top 5 stretches for back pain” or “10 exercises that is not good for your back”. These posts are a little bit like swinging a hammer around until you hit a nail. I do feel for the worktop, vase and remote that got hammered prior to finding the nail! This is why I’m purposely not putting up these guides as you need to have the area properly assessed to see what suits you best.

So “where do I get this properly assessed” I hear you cry! Simple… come find us. www.justonebody.com/booking

We’re based at these workplace clinics:

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