Why does my shoulder hurt?

Radiculopathy… Not as ridiculous as it sounds!

The wonders of medical terminology can make a number of commonly experienced symptoms hard to translate into a diagnosis. Radiculopathy is a great example of this; let’s explain what this means in the real world!

Symptoms – Do you have?

• Pain

• Weakness

• Numbness/pins and needles

• Change in muscle strength/control

A good start is knowing that at each level of the spine from the neck to the base has a pair of nerves that exit the spinal cord. Each nerve provides innervation to one half of the body. It’s these nerves which cause symptoms to other parts of the body.

For example 5 nerves that exit the spine in lower neck and upper back travel down the arm. So an irritation to any of these nerves can create symptoms down the arm and into the hand. This is what the picture is showing.

What causes irritation to the nerve can range from a decrease in space where the nerve exits the spine, an inflamed/degenerated spinal joint, changes in the muscle/soft tissue tension around the nerve. The list goes on, but this isn’t too important. The key is understanding that this irritation of the nerve doesn’t have to be a large, sudden issue that appears. Typically the irritation happens over a number of weeks and eventually the body struggles to keep the irritation under control.

Here’s a view of where pain, pins and needles and numbness can appear according to a irritation to the nerve as it exits the spine.

This next picture shows where irritation to nerves much further away from the spine can show symptoms.

What can be done

Well… The million dollar question! Plenty can be done, the Internet holds 1001 suggestions to manage this some will work some won’t. It is important to apply the correct range of stretches, exercise and hands-on treatment to the subtle differences between your symptoms and another sufferer.

I am always reluctant to write a ‘top 5 list of ways to manage…’ So here is a checklist of things to consider as a potential cause::

1. Your posture at work and home

2. Work station setup

3. Repeated movement with your neck etc…

4. Current exercise and activities

5. Sleeping position and habits

What we do

Our assessments are focused on finding the cause from a wider view; we have to ask why this is happening while we peel back changes in body’s function and position that has created these symptoms. There is no reason you can’t be pain free and it’s our job to help you recreate that pain free state. We treat the muscles, joints, nerves and other connective tissue in the body by mobilising, stretching and strengthening tissue through hands-on treatment and exercise.

Get in touch- We can help

Step 1 – Call or email us – 0208 088 2860 – info@justonebody.com

Step 2 – Book an appointment – http://www.justonebody.com

We offer 15 min free assessments at many locations so you get the opportunity to meet with us and have a chat about what you are experiencing.

It is important to understand this article is for informative purposes only. Go find an Osteopath, Doctor, Physio etc… to help if you are struggling!

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