Blogging Your Way

I’m currently taking an online course called Inspire Me by Holly Becker. The funny thing is that I came across the course by a total chance, and I feel blessed because it’s an eye opening. It’s really great how an unexpected unplanned things happens to you that might play a big role in changing your direction.

I was redecorating my apartment and wanted to read some interior design blogs to get some inspirations. But then I came across this course! When I saw that the course is given by a top author and stylist I jumped in and joined without even reviewing the course outline. I thought it’s a good time to take something new aside from business and finance, something that can activate my art side. When we started the first lesson, I found out that the course is not about interior design, but more about blogging, finding your own style, and building an audience. and I loved it! Most of the examples are off course related to design blogging, but the lessons in the course can be applied not only to bloggers but to any business too. Yet as that sounds good, it confused me and made me lost in the middle.

I always feel there is a hidden art side in me. I notice that I enjoy looking at home deco photos and appreciate art. I created a Houzz account four years ago to watch interior design photos when I’m bored or before going to bed. My Pinterest account is full of pins and photos saved to fulfil this need within. So when I found about Holly & the course, I though this is it, I’ll activate my art side via blogging on interior design and sharing the styles I like. However, whenever Holly shares tips or ask us to do an exercise to find about blog brand values or its goals, I find myself thinking about Deerasa & my consultancy business. I mean, at the end, if you want to go out there and write about something, you should have some background right? so it was silly to think to start an interior design blog when all I have is a Houzz and Pinterest accounts. Why not focus on finance and establish a blog to share my startups and finance experience? but then, how am I going to explore and activate my art side?

I know this post does not make much sense and everything is all over the place, but that exactly how the thoughts in my brain looks like right now. so let it be!

I believe everything happens for a reason, being in this course with lovely ladies all blogging about home deco & art stuff, must be for a real reason. But till I find out the what and how, I’ll just write down whatever comes to my mind and enjoy the journey.

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