I’m back to establish a writing habit

Ok. So it’s been a really long time since I created my account here at Medium. I created the account as I wanted to establish a writing habit. I was not, and still, not sure what exactly I’m going to write about, is it going to be a finance/business type of posts, is it going to be a purely personal journal, is it going to be a draft to my new interest in home deco.. is it going to be in Arabic? English? I’m not even sure I’m aware of my writing style.. but I think, it’ll be all of that until I establish the habit of writing and then find exactly what to dedicate this medium account for. You, as a reader, if any, don’t have to comment, don’t have to like or dislike, this is just my space, as I’m writing for myself, and yes I wont make it as a private note, as this is part of the journey that I want to take and explore.

The path.. let’s see where it’ll take me
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