My Friendfluence

Yesterday I was invited to my friend’s sister pre-wedding party. I sincerely don’t remember the last time I went to a non-family party. I was really having fun and enjoying myself. I saw many people & old colleagues, although I didn’t mingle well or danced, but I was happy, relaxed and you can really see the smile on my face.

I was never an outgoing person with tens of friends around. But yesterday I had a moment observing myself, my social life indeed needs attention. I mean, if I don’t have this loving family, I’m certainly a loner. Yes I do have few good friends but each one of us is busy with careers and family life.

I can’t explain what and why, but that how I feel, that even if you have sisters you still need friends to shape your sense of self & be generally happier. I have three amazing loving sisters, but as I’m not well connected with my friends, I feel there is something missing in my social life that in a way affect my life.

I took that seriously and went to search and read more. It was good to find this review on a book called Friendfluence by author Carlin Flor, where she shared her research results on the effect of having friends in our lives. She mentioned that having friends play key role in sharpening our minds, inspiring us, knowing ourselves better, motivating us to reach our goals, advancing our careers and maybe as a result being happier and living a longer and healthier life. What I found more interesting is what she found that people are even the product of the friends they are no longer friends with. Yeah!

I think now I have to give my friendship more attention and invest as the psychological benefits will be worth it. I’ll try to go out and connect with at least one friend each week, and I’ll update you on this!

Anyway, to take an overview of the book and learn more about how friends shape who we are, you can read Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne article titled Fifteen Reasons We Need Friends.

Enjoy :)

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